SailFin Cafe FAQs

  1. What is SailFin Cafe?
    SailFin CAFE is a simple, server-side Java framework on top of JSR 289 (SIP Servlet 1.1) with additional media-control capabilities for simplifying the development of SIP or Converged applications.

  • What are the features of SailFin Cafe?
    SailFin Cafe provides a Server Side Java Communication API (and implementation) for enterprise applications. The API will support communication use cases like calls, conference, recording, playback, announcement, presence, IM etc. SailFin Cafe will bundle JvoiceBridge ( as the default media server and will have the ability to use any media server that supports JSR 309.

  • Where can I get SailFin Cafe?
    You can download SailFin Cafe from here.

  • How do I install SailFin Cafe?
    A clean SailFin domain (either do a fresh installation or create a new domain) is needed for installing SailFin Cafe. You can download SailFin from here. Once SailFin is installed, go the "bin" directory of sailfin installation and execute "asadmin install-addon <sailfin-cafe-installer>" and start the sailfin.

  • What is the version of JDK I can use with SailFin Cafe?
    To install and configure Sailfin you need to have JDK Version 6.0 update 7 or higher. Click here to download JDK.

  • Where is the documentation? What other resources are available?
    SailFin Cafe Javadoc is available here. See the SailFin blog for the latest SailFin and SailFin Cafe blogs.

  • How do I file an RFE for SailFin Cafe?
    You can post RFEs to the Issue Tracker.

  • How can I get help on SailFin Cafe?
    Post a question on the discussion forum.

  • How do I get involved?
    You can participate in the discussions and subscribe to the mailing lists.

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