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SailFin CAFE is a simple, server-side Java framework on top of JSR 289 (SIP Servlet 1.1) with additional media-control capabilities for simplifying the development of SIP or Converged applications. SailFin CAFE is a sub-project of SailFin.

We hope that this framework will enable you to develop converged communication services using Java EE much more easily.
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CAFE Feature Links to blog, article
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  • CAFE Fundamentals: Communications and UserProcedures
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  • Search API in CAFE
  • Running CAFE in OCCAS
  • Open IMS integration
  • Maven ArcheType for CAFE
  • Conversation
  • Simple Two Party Call
  • Click To Call Example
  • Call Forwarding, Redirect on DTMF example
  • Call Recording, Playing
  • Call Redirection, Aborting
  • Conference
  • Simple Conference Application Example
  • Playing and Recording Media
  • Advanced Conference Application Article
  • Presence and UserProcedures
  • UserProcedure Introduction
  • Using Presence in CAFE
  • Presence Enabled Calling Example
  • Instant Messaging
  • Simple IM Server Example
  • IM and Google Translate API
  • Typing Detection
  • MSRP Example (with a screencast)
  • Introduction to REST API
  • CAFE REST API Documentation

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